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Member Anchorage School Board

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"Accountability for Results"

There is no limitation of contributions for an individual per recent APOC rulings.

      Elections are April 4th, 2023. School Board Members are elected citywide. All registered voters               of the Greater Anchorage area can                                              vote for Dave!

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Dave Donley on the Issues...

   * Limiting school closures to protect neighborhoods

   * Leading to promote patriotism in Anchorage Schools

   * Working for all students reading by Third Grade

   * Increased protections for our students and safer schools

   * Return to proven traditional successful reading, math, and civics  

   * Supporting and expanding educational options including charter,            alternative, vocational, language immersion, Ignite and Middle                College programs.

   * Protecting the rights of parents

   * Reduce bureaucracy and maximize efficient use of tax dollars to              protect taxpayers

   * Equitable funding for Anchorage schools in State Education                    Funding Formula

   * Supporting teachers and their classroom needs

   * Vocational, career and technical education opportunity for all                  students

   * Closing the performance gap and increasing graduation rate

   * 60 minutes for lunch and recess for all elementary students

   * Aggressive action to prevent school bus driver shortages

Paid for by Alaskans for Dave Donley ~ 6860 Tondi Lane ~ Anchorage, AK. 99507 (907) 561-8234

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