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Dave's Goals and Objectives

* Return to proven successful reading, math and civics

* Promoting patriotism in schools

* 60 Minute elementary lunch and recess

* All students reading by 3rd grade

* Supporting and expanding educational options including charter, alternative, vocational, language immersion, Ignite and Middle College programs.

* Putting children, parents and teachers first

* Using legislative leadership and finance experience to advocate for Anchorage schools.

* Diversity of learning opportunities

* Developing academic, career, and vocational skills

* Partnership with local employers

* Closing the performance gap

* Properly prepare students for their next educational phase

* Safe and efficient student transportation


* Accountability for results

* All students reading by Third Grade

* Return to proven, successful, traditional reading, math and civics. 


* Safe, clean, and healthy schools


* Smallest class sizes that can be afforded


* Increased parent involvement


* Excellent School District communication and responsiveness with community

* Excellent communication and responsiveness with community

* Transparency

* Financial responsibility

* Hiring and retaining the best teachers

* Supporting teachers and their classroom needs

* Reduce bureaucracy & maximize efficient use of tax dollars

* Rewarding student and teacher excellence

* Innovative budget solutions

Paid for by Alaskans for Dave Donley ~ 6860 Tondi Lane, Anchorage, AK 99507

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