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Covid Pandemic Response

I opposed and was a vocal critic of the excessive closing of Anchorage schools and the excessive use of mandatory masking policy in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. My opposition to use of the “Threat Matrix” used by ASD to justify closing schools was validated by a July 2019 CDC and Alaska DHSS directive for the ASD to stop using a threat matrix designed for nursing homes. I joined with three other Board members in the key 4-3 vote to re-open schools in December 2020. I consistently voted against mandatory masking of elementary students based on recommendations of the World and European Health Organizations and the data in the USA. I strongly and vocally opposed as woefully inadequate the ASD Administration’s one hour a day/four days a week of minimum instructional time for virtual school. While a small percentage of students excelled, the implementation of virtual school was a huge academic and mental health failure for the vast majority of our students and families. I advocated that the teacher collective bargaining agreement clearly prevent only one hour a day of instruction ever happening again, but the Board and Administration did not support that effort.


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* ASD legislative priorities
* Alaska State PTA Priorities
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grade promotion policy
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   * Limiting school closures to protect neighborhoods

   * Leading to promote patriotism in Anchorage Schools

   * Working for all students reading by Third Grade

   * Increased protections for our students and safer schools

   * Return to proven traditional successful reading, math, and civics

   * Supporting and expanding educational options including charter,                alternative, vocational, language immersion, Ignite and Middle                    College programs.

   * Protecting the rights of parents

   * Reduce bureaucracy and maximize efficient use of tax                                dollars to protect taxpayers

   * Equitable funding for Anchorage schools in State Education                       Funding Formula

   * Supporting teachers and their classroom needs

      Vocational, career, and technical education opportunity for                          all students

   * Closing the performance gap and increasing graduation rate

   * 60 minutes for lunch and recess for all elementary students

   * Aggressive action to prevent school bus driver shortages

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Healthy Schools, Healthy Children

Technology Is The Future 

Early Reading Is Essential

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