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Alaska State PTA 2017 Legislative Priorities

TOP PRIORITY: Statewide Education Funding

The Alaska PTA supports no further cuts to K-12 public education funding. Furthermore, we advocate:

  • full funding of the existing education foundation formula;

  • update the cost-of-living factor to reflect the current Consumer Price Index (CPI); and

  • hold harmless any school district that would otherwise have funding reduced until actual CPI is equal to or above the current inaccurate CPI.

The Alaska PTA has additional issues.  All are equally important and not displayed in any particular order.  

  • Lack of early learning and pre-kindergarten programs

    • We support quality early learning and family strengthening programs to ensure every child starts school ready to learn.

  • High student to teacher ratio

    • We support adding teachers to improve the quality of the learning environment.

  • Overwhelming mandates on teachers and support staff

    • We support legislators working with the administration to reduce mandates that force staff away from with students and their learning.

  • Low teacher and staff retention

    • We support legislative words and deeds that improve education system employee morale and retention.

  • Lack of after-school programs

    • We support after-school programs as opportunities for students to continue learning while parents earn a living.

  • Closure of rural schools with low enrollment

    • We support equal learning opportunities for students in small, rural school districts.

  • Late allocation of funds

    • We support earlier allocations to improve school planning and budgeting.

  • Penalties for cost-savings

    • We support efforts to hold school districts harmless for finding efficiencies by adding a hold harmless clause to the education foundation formula.

  • Address academic performance gap

    • We support efforts to help low income and minority students achieve their academic goals.

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